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The Elder Scrolls® Online

VND  450,000 VND  210,375

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The Elder Scrolls® Online

VND  450,000 VND  210,375

Join over 10 million players in the award-winning online multiplayer RPG and experience limitless adventure in a persistent Elder Scrolls world. Battle, craft, steal, or explore, and combine different types of equipment and abilities to create your own style of play. No game subscription required.

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Experience an ever-expanding story across all of Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online, an award-winning online RPG. Explore a rich, living world with friends or embark upon a solo adventure. Enjoy complete control over how your character looks and plays, from the weapons you wield to the skills you learn – the choices you make will shape your destiny. Welcome to a world without limits.


Battle, craft, steal, siege, or explore, and combine different types of armor, weapons, and abilities to create your own style of play. The choice is yours to make in a persistent, ever-growing Elder Scrolls world.


Discover the secrets of Tamriel as you set off to regain your lost soul and save the world from Oblivion. Experience any story in any part of the world, in whichever order you choose – with others or alone.


Complete quests with friends, join fellow adventurers to explore dangerous, monster-filled dungeons, or take part in epic PvP battles with hundreds of other players.

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