Survivor Pass: Vikendi

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DLC này cần bản gốc của game: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS trên Steam để có thể sử dụng.

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Earn rewards by completing missions or simply by getting in some play time! Access to Survivor Pass: Vikendi is free, but more missions, faster leveling, and exclusive rewards can be earned by purchasing the Premium Pass.

ACCOMPLISH MISSIONS: Over 300 missions to complete!
Survivor Pass missions are specifically designed to help you progress your skills, while earning the Pass XP you need to unlock your rewards. Plow your way through enough missions, and you’ll find yourself a cold-blooded expert of the battlegrounds in no time. From simple tasks tailored for players just starting out, to grit-testing challenges for our more seasoned veterans, Survivor Pass missions will raise the stakes for all to enjoy.

LEVEL UP: A reward for every level earned!
Complete missions to earn XP, or simply play the game and level up your pass the cold fashioned way. Exclusive rewards are given with each level gained, so get your game face on and play hard to see how high you can go! You will have ten weeks to complete the pass, but players looking to save time can purchase 5, 20, or 50 level packs directly through the in-game store.

UNLOCK REWARDS: Over 60 new exclusive items!
With 60+ exclusive skins to unlock with the Premium Survivor Pass, you’ll be able to brave through Vikendi’s merciless environment in uncompromising style. Rock the central Europe-inspired Kubanka hat and heavy fur coats, freeze out your enemies with epic winter-themed weapon skins, and for the first time ever, add style to your Level 2 and 3 Helmets with unique designs.


If I don’t buy the Premium Survivor Pass, will I still be able to participate in the event?
– All players can level up and earn rewards, but some missions and rewards are exclusive to Premium Survivor Pass holders. Holders of the Premium Survivor Pass will have access to 6 additional Weekly Missions every week, exclusive rewards for completing Premium Missions, and 60+ exclusive rewards from leveling up.

How do I get the Premium Survivor Pass?
– The Premium Survivor Pass may be purchased for $9.99 through Steam or the in-game store.

How many missions are available with the Survivor Pass: Vikendi?
– The Survivor Pass features 300+ missions over the course of 10 weeks in the form of Daily, Weekly, and Premium Missions. There are also Beginner for those just starting out, and Challenge missions to test the grit of even the most seasoned survivor.

When are Weekly Missions updated?
– After the Survivor Pass opens on December 19, Weekly Missions will be updated every Wednesday at 9AM KST (Tuesday at 5PM PDT).

What if I buy the Survivor Pass late in the event period?
– You will immediately receive all Premium rewards up to your current level, and will have until the Pass period ends to earn the rest of your rewards. Level packs can also be purchased to supplement levels if time is running short.

How do I level up?
– You can level up by earning XP by completing missions from the Survivor Pass. If you want to level up quicker, instant level up packs are available in the store for purchase.

Is it possible to trade reward items from the Survivor Pass with other players?
– All reward items from Survivor Pass: Vikendi are non-tradable and non-marketable.

I’m having a problem claiming reward items from Survivor Pass: Vikendi. What should I do?
– Please contact PUBG customer support with any issues.

Can I refund the Premium Pass?
– Please contact Steam customer service for any inquiries related to refunding the Premium Pass.

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